All Results for July 2016 - Flower Fairies

Flower Fairies Personal Name Seals

Skillman, a Japanese partner, have created  range of Flower Fairies items for personal name seals (in Japanese, ‘inkan’), including the seals, seal cases, and stamping mats.

The name seal not only has a Flower Fairies design on the side, but also includes a flower within the stamp design itself.  Every time you stamp your name with this seal, it is sure to brighten your spirits!  The seal case and the stamping mat are also personalised, so you can create your very own name seal set.


Flower Fairies of Winter

Flower Fairies of Summer

Flower Fairies of Autumn



Floral Bouquet

Spring Fairy



Fuchsia Fairy

Autumn Berries

Dance like the Flower Fairies

Learn to dance just like the Flower Fairies with this magical DVD.

View the trailer on YouTube:

Flower Fairies of Spring Paper

49 and Market, a paper goods wholesaler specializing in high-quality products to fit the needs and wants of today’s crafters, have created a beautiful range of papers using designs, patterns and fairies from Flower Fairies of the Spring.

These are available in the US and Canada, and you can see the full set on their website at